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2011 North American Distributor of the Year

Posted: 31-May-2012

Fleet Brake Parts and Service, Calgary, AB, Canada, was named the tenth annual Truck Parts & Service Distributor of the Year. Fleet Brake was honored as Distributor of the Year, at the 2012 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week at The Mirage in Las Vegas. With 13 parts locations, 8 service facilities, 2 remanufacturing locations and 300 employees, Fleet Brake is Canada’s premier fleet specialist. Servicing the customer’s heavy duty parts and service needs with brand-name parts, expert heavy duty advice, quality service, and superior customer service.

"Fleet Brake is the ninth HDA Truck Pride member, in ten years, to win this prestigious award," said Don Reimondo, CEO, HDA Truck Pride. "Fleet Brake has become the growth leaders of the industry. They’ve grown quickly and aggressively and are now being recognized for it. The leadership recognizes what it takes not only to survive but to continuously improve, grow and flourish – to always be looking ahead at what’s next.”

Fleet Brake started in 1978. The company began with a focus on people; employees and customers. “Surrounding myself with the best people in the industry is the best business decision I’ve ever made,” states John Bzeta, President. “The second best decision was joining HDA Truck Pride. The business practices and growth opportunities that are created by listening to and working with fellow members has been priceless.”

Fleet Brake has also invested in technology. They began reorganizing and reassessing their systems to make the business better, stronger, more efficient and poised for future opportunities. By analyzing the roles and responsibilities of key employees along with process flow for primary tasks, Fleet Brake has been

able to utilize systems to assist their employees. The systems and reporting they have developed help to create order, structure and accountability, which has had a positive impact on the business and on their employees. “Our main competitive edge is our people and specifically the service they provide,” says Bzeta. “From salespeople to technicians to delivery drivers, we create a ‘service edge’ to differentiate us from the competition. This is and always will be a people based industry. But if you embrace technology to assist those people and give them the right tools, they can become extraordinary people.”

“The nature of our customer is changing and growing rapidly, along with technology, and the diversity of equipment. The solutions that are required for the future present a tremendous opportunity for the independent aftermarket. Congratulations to our employees on this distinguished award. “


img Founded in 1978, Fleet Brake serves Canada's industrial, heavy-duty, logging, mining, agricultural, and oilfield industries. With brand-name parts, expert heavy-duty advice, quality service, state-of-the-art facilities, and professional staff Fleet Brake offers second-to-none service and sales of heavy-duty parts at competitive prices.


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